Meet the Neighbors: These Neighborhood Stewards Explain the Places They Call Home

THE NEIGHBORHOOD OPTIONS IN HOUSTON—huge, sprawling, diverse Houston—are seemingly endless. Choosing which part of town suits you best is a challenge, equal parts exciting and overwhelming. Maybe you’d do anything to avoid a hefty commute to your office in the Galleria. Maybe you’re all about the quality of your kid’s school. Maybe you want walkable access to your daily caffeine fix, or you want to know your neighbors intimately—or not at all.

Wherever your priorities lie, there’s probably a neighborhood in the area that’s perfect for you. This year, we narrowed down a list of our current favorites—just 10, in a sea of great possibilities—and showcased some of the people who call those ’hoods home. Both long-timers and newcomers, these neighborhood stewards told us why they’ve chosen to put down roots where they did. Before you log onto, maybe you’ll find a Houstonian in these pages you relate to, giving insight into what might be the neighborhood of your dreams.

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